The Birth of an Idea  “Perfect blend of taste and tradition”

June 2021

‘We are the first Generation social Entrepreneurs and proud sons of great Farmers’.
We are born and raised up in the native Godavari region with having many relatives in Atreyapuram village, which is 26 KMs away from Rajahmundry city, Andhra Pradesh.
Many families especially women in this village completely depend on making Putharekulu for their livelihood. Being an avid fan of the authentic taste of Atreyapuram Putharakelu from our childhood, we always find it difficult to get in other cities when we are out of station.
We are surprised to find there are NO authentic nutritious sweet in any of the retail shelf or the snacking shops. We want something that is close to homemade, not made of palm oil & preservatives, artificial colours but something that resonated with the memories of our grandmother's preparation.
Over some months, post Covid, we observe there has been a negative shift in the trends of putharekulu sales in Atreyapuram. We witness many women face the difficulty in their daily livelihood for many months and even still. This makes us to think about the word “Empowerment”.

Sep 2021

For a moment, we remember our grandparents’ words - "Son, Money is just like the dirt in your hands. A Person is always known because of his honesty, not by how much money he owns. Make sure you always run an honest business”.
Connecting all dots slowly, a little later, on one rainy day, in Atreyapuram, we finally decided to take this nutritious Atreyapuram Putharekulu delight to the global level possible, with the signature of blending taste and tradition perfectly by empowering these women who are expertised in making putharekulu for decades.

Dec 2021

As the days and weeks pass by, this little step slowly unfolds into many challenges and hurdles for months, but we keep on progressing every day. Eventually it gives birth to ATPU.IN


What started as a small initiative, with our rural women in our small making unit of Atreyapuram has now evolved into an Top selling exclusive Putharekulu brand serving 22,000+ happy customers at pan India level.
We are happily now empowering a few women, cherishing their little smiles every day. We are looking forward to many more in near future.

Health and Hygiene are our first priority

Our standards

We were inspired from our earlier generations where the entire family stayed together & ate together. We aspire to make ATPU Pootharekulu worth the global appreciation holding ourselves to the highest of standards.
All our working staff are Rural Women, who are extremely skilled in this for many decades who dedicate all their passion for the best quality and taste.
Our Ingredients are quality checked many times by ourselves. We source our Ingredients from local farmers and use sustainable practices in our production process.
To achieve what motivated the idea of building this rural women empowerment, we began with aspiring to make the best gifting choice made with healthy ingredients only. Followed with centuries of explored experimentation in developing flavours and variants, we promise to bring you just the Authentic ever.
Our exclusive gift packaging will go the extra mile in making all your occasions extra special. Send across a box of delicacies to your loved ones anywhere in the country from the comfort of your home.
Therefore, we believe ATPU is not merely Pootharekulu but the brilliance of folded finesse layers of our Love within them.

Our signature:

On a 'S' 'M' 'A' 'L' 'L' Initiative

S- Straight - Being transparent in bringing native delight from the authentic hands.
M- Mindfulness- For a conscious, healthy and mindful eating.
A-Authenticity-Delivering authentic flavours, prepared just like by our Grandmothers.
L- Long lasting- Creating an ecosystem of trusted customers with utmost loyalty.
L- Love- The secret behind our quality is not just ingredients, but our tonnes of Love layered in between.

'Tales of Transformation'

Rural Atreyapuram Women