Say Hello To Putharekulu

You can call it Papersweet if it's too difficult to say.

Dessert from Andhra, Delighting India

Puthareku (Paper Sweet) is a special kind of sweet made with thin layers of Rice Flour stuffed with Sugar or Jaggery powder. Often stuffed with dry fruits and made with ghee, its heavenly in every bite. It's a delight to eat putharekulu and is often served on special occasions.

Made With

Home Made Pure Ghee

Quality Dryfruits


Best Dessert for Every Occasion

Biryani Becomes Even Better

Perfect Finish for Family Dinners

Children will Love it

Sugarfree Variant for Diabetics

Impress Friends and Bosses alike

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Our Happy Customer

Made in Atreyapuram, the birthplace of Putharekulu

Each order will be fulfilled right from Atreyapuram. Our inhouse experts will prepare your Putharekulu only after you place your order. So that you will always the freshest possible Putharekulu.

Packing of the Putharekulu is made in a way to ensure the freshness of the Putharekulu is not lost during the transmission of the package from Atreyapuram to your Home. 

With a shelf life of over 30 days, our Putharekulu are always fresh. We bet you will eat them all in a couple of days though :D !!

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