'Sukhino Bhavantu'

ATPU's New Social Programme of Building Joy and Happiness

'Every Smile Counts'


1) As a part of ATPU’s Sukhino Bhavantu Programme, Welcoming New Beginnings and Celebrating New Year with Sweet People of Asha Kuteer Foundation, Girls Home, Hyderabad, Jan 2023


2) ATPU in Association with SKC Old Age Home, Celebrating Grandparents Birthday at Guntur, A.P, Feb 2023


3) ATPU Spending time and sharing little joy with sweet kids at New Life Foundation, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, March 2023


4) ATPU Celebrating Bakrid With the Lovely Kids and Old People at Hyderabad, April 2023


5) ATPU Celebrating Orphanage Anniversary with Lovely People of Annapurana Orphanage, Nandyal, A.P, May 2023


6) ATPU in Association With Asha Kuteer Foundation, Celebrating Birthday of Sweet People of Old Age Home, Hyderabad, June 2023


7) ATPU Celebrating our milestone by providing a little sweet add-on in the lunch meal to the devotees at Chitti Babaji Ashram, Seethanagaram, Rajahmundry, July 2023


8) ATPU Joins the Birthday Celebrations of Sweet People at Mispa Old Age Home, Nandyal, A.P, August 2023


9) ATPU in Association With Asha Kuteer Foundation, Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi Festival with the Sweet People of Asha Kuteer Home For The Blind, Hyderabad, September 2023


10) ATPU on the occasion of Dusshera, Expressing Care and Devotion for Cows by offering Gau Poshana Seva through donation of funds providing Green fodder and silage to ISKCON, Bangalore, October 2023