ATPU’s affiliate marketing program

Welcome to one of the honest and genuine affiliate marketing programs. The ATPU’s Affiliate Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic.

ATPU.IN is a website which sells Putharekulu which is a kind of sweet well known in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

Puthareku (Paper Sweet) is a special kind of sweet made with thin layers of Rice Flour stuffed with Sugar or Jaggery powder. Often stuffed with dry fruits and made with ghee, its heavenly in every bite. It's a delight to eat putharekulu and is often served on special occasions.

Because we are selling a sweet and everybody likes sweets, we are able to sell them more in number than we initially anticipated. We sold to people all over India through our advertising. Because of limited creativity, we are getting stuck at traditional marketing methods only.

This is where you can help us. Creators like you can create new and innovative content which can help us get more sales and you will be rightly compensated for your efforts. For each order driven from your end, we will pay you 5% of the order value as incentive without any ceiling. That is not all.!!! For every future order which comes from the customer driven by you, you will get an incentive of 1% forever. So, bring the customer once and enjoy the benefits for a long time.

It’s a known fact that google AdSense and Facebook monetization doesn’t work for everyone. Amazon affiliate also have only 24 hours cookie duration which rarely results in any conversions.

Since our product is a sweet, more people are likely to buy with very less persuasion and we have 30 day cookie duration which enables you to capture conversions from all your leads.

With little effort and regularly sharing our links you can earn a minimum of 20K per month.

If you want, you can use the Images & Videos which are attached in the below link for your creatives.

Good luck and happy earning.