Atreyapuram Pootharekulu

What is Puthareku?

Puthareku (Paper Sweet) is a special kind of sweet made with thin layers of Rice Flour stuffed with Sugar or Jaggery powder. Often stuffed with dry fruits and made with ghee, its heavenly in every bite. It's a delight to eat putharekulu and is often served on special occasions.

What is this website about?

Putharekulu are first made in Atreyapuram, a village in Andhra Pradesh. Traditional households are still in this business and they make the finest and the tastiest Putharekulu in the world. What we eat anywhere but Atreyapuram are not even close to the real taste. Original Atreyapuram Putharekulu, made in Atreyapuram are a treat to eat. This website facilitates you to order Putharekulu from Atreyapuram and they will be delivered to your home anywhere in India. Delivery is free on all the orders above Rs.500/-.

How long will it take to reach me?

We are using Bluedart, ICL, DTDC, Delhivery and Indiapost as our delivery partners. We have seen 90% of all orders being delivered within 3 to 5 business days or even faster. Please understand that we are a small online store and we cannot control big delivery agencies and their operations. We will try our level best to make sure that orders are delivered soon. Kindly bear with us during delays.

How many days will it stay fresh?

Our Putharekulu have a shelf life of over 25 days. What we do is, we prepare your putharekulu only after we receive your order to ensure that you get the freshest possible putharekulu. Also we use special airtight packing so that the freshness is not lost during the transport of the sweet from Atreyapuram to your home. Even in delays caused by the courier partners, our packing ensures that the putharekulu remain fresh for your consumption. After the package reaches you, we strongly believe that the packet will be emptied in less than 24 hours :D.

Why not COD?

Sorry we cannot provide COD at the moment. COD is expensive for both you and us and involves lot of losses for us which we cannot bear at the moment. Big companies with deep pockets can provide COD. We will also provide COD when we become stable and in a position to bear COD losses. Prepaid orders also help us keep trolls away. Hope you understand. We are here to stay and spread happiness with our sweets. We will not loot your hard earned money like scammers do. Thousands of people have already ordered from us. So please go ahead and choose with confidence.

How To Eat Putharekulu?

It's funny but we had to include this space to explain people how to eat our Putharekulu. Puthareku itself looks like a cover wrapping something inside. But the wrapper itself is the sweet. It's not plastic or paper. The wrapper is made from rice flour and it is so thin it looks like plastic/paper wrapper. Please follow the below steps to eat the puthareku properly. Do not open the wrapper and start complaining that there is nothing inside. It's like searching for mysore in mysore pak. Please eat the sweet as a whole. Follow the below steps.

1)Take the Puthareku in hand.
2)Bite it. Wait till the bitten portion melts in your mouth.
3)Chew it.
5)Finish it in 3 bites to enjoy the sweet.
Don't open the sweet. The outer layer is not a paper/plastic. It is a thin layer made of rice flour, it melts in the mouth.

Cool !! How to order?

Please scroll down to select from a wide range of Putharekulu. Thanks for stopping by. Don't go empty handed ;)

Made in Atreyapuram, the birthplace of Putharekulu

Each order will be fulfilled right from Atreyapuram. Our inhouse experts will prepare your Putharekulu only after you place your order. So that you will always the freshest possible Putharekulu.

Packing of the Putharekulu is made in a way to ensure the freshness of the Putharekulu is not lost during the transmission of the package from Atreyapuram to your Home. 

With a shelf life of over 30 days, our Putharekulu are always fresh. We bet you will eat them all in a couple of days though :D !!

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    Free shipping on all the orders above Rs.500/-

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