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We are 1st GEN Socialpreneurs bringing you forth (ATPU) AT- Atreyapuram PU- Putharekulu.
Putharekulu also spelt as Pootharekulu (Papersweet), is an authentic sweet exclusively made in Atreyapuram of A.P where more than 400 women are dependent on making Putharekulu.

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The Secret & Unique Recipe formula passed down to us from our beloved grandmothers makes our Putharekulu...

--> 1.5x times Bigger and Heavier
--> 3x times more Nutritious
--> 5x times more Delicious
--> 10x times more Loveable
Thus making us, India's Top Selling Brand.

Blending Passion and Quality to ensure every Puthareku resonates true excellency in handcraftsmanship by our Native Rural Women of Atreyapuram Village.

A Luxury Delight Brand with the Signature "Taste from the Origin" with an ambition that kids as well as adults eat less of refined and junk food.

Lastly, We believe in "Happier Women make Healthier Families". Every purchase here empowers rural women in need and make them financially independent and self-reliant.




The 'ATPU' Brand is Born after Witnessing the Plight of the Rural Women of Atreyapuram Village.



To Uplift and Empower Rural Women, with the initiative of bringing a little smile at their Homes.



Bringing out Nutritious food from Rural Women's hands by harnessing age-old wisdom of Grandmas.



Treating every order like our first order with utmost Integrity and Customer-Centric Loyalty.


Happier Women Creating Healthier Families

Empowering 16+ Women

Delighting 25000+ Families

Unanimous 5 Star Rating Worldwide

Know More

Super Nutritious Snack of the Century

Good for Children, Diabetics, Pregnants

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Unleashing Women's Potential

Meet the Tastemakers of ATPU.IN

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ATPU's Sukhino Bhavantu

Counting Smiles, Building Happiness

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Magic in their Authentic Hands

Made with Love. Taste from the Origin

About Us

Our ATPU Celebrities Say...

"Impressed with the creativity and presentation. Superb taste. Really impressive. A must and finest choice for corporate gifting."

Raja Sridhar and Family

Popular Telugu Actor

"Very good quality. Very tasty and premiumly packed. All the best."

Oleti Sriwass

Film Director

"These are not loaded with sugar, but the right amount of sweetness and roasted nuts. Professional packed and authentic in taste."

Vinod Anantoju

Film Director

"Loved the taste and quality, superb packing. Melted in mouth. Surely will order Mango jelly and pootharekulu."

Diamond Ratna Babu

Film Director

"Thank you for the gifts, very tasty. Enjoyed a lot. Impressed with the packaging and style."

Allari Aarathi

Youtube Content Creator

"Extraordinary packing and styling. Very very tasty. All my family enjoyed a lot. We missed these for many years. We will re-order them again."

Asha Sudarsan Vlogs

"Awesome. Impressive with quality and authenticity. Recommended for everyone."

Telugu Travel Vlogger

"Eating for the first time. Whole family enjoyed. Nutritious and delicious. Impressed with gift packaging and variants of pootharekulu. Good initiative. Simply superb South Indian Andhra sweet."

Swamit Badesra Vlogs

"Supera irukku. Tasting first time. Very delicious. Very great packaging. Ghee, dry fruits are in correct proportion makes it melts in the mouth. Recommended for all."


Vlogger, Tamil Food Reviewer

"Loved the quality and flavours. Especially impressed with jaggery variant. Eating for the first time. My whole family enjoyed. Nice packing."

Jegathees Meena

Youtuber, Tamil

"Premium packed. My dad became a big fan of ATPU. He loved it. My academy students also loved the taste of pootharekulu. Highly recommended for all."


"Taste, quality, ghee, all dryfruits tho dhummulepaaru. Very Authentic. Really surprised with the variants and mango jelly, my kids are loving it. We all enjoyed with your delights."

Telugu Foodie, Youtube

"Amazed with the quality and gift packing. My mom also loved all these putharekulu variants. Very Authentic and best gifting choice."


Film Actress

"I really loved the Gift Packaging. Too good, two initiatives. Extremely good quality. Undoubtedly best so far putharekulu we have ever eaten Very Authentic. My Whole family enjoyed."

Meghna and Neel

Popular Actors

"Happy tasting ATPU putharekulu. So good. Nice Gifting andi."

Srikanth Addala

Film Director

"Surprisingly we finished it in a day. Felt like having more. Extremely good and Authentic. Loved it ma."


Smart Telugu Housewife

"Loved the taste.very nice. My whole family enjoyed tasting. We loved all the variants. Nice gifts."

Yuti Harshavardhana

Singer, Telugu Idol

"Thank you for the sweet gifts. Its my all time favourite. Nice taste. Really enjoyed."

Ajay Vegesna

Film Writer

"Thank you for the love with your sweet gift- Putharekulu. Really enjoyed the Authentic taste."

Anand Devarakonda

Popular Actor

"A great initiative encouraging rural women empowerment. Let's push this more up. Thank you for your love with your sweet Putharekulu. Really enjoyed the taste."

BVS Ravi

Writer and Director

"Really too good. Packing also nice. Loved all variants of putharekulu. A Good step for a Good social cause."

Naveena Yata

Popular Actor & Producer

"Nicely packaged, surprisingly a Good initiative for eco-friendly step. Taste is so good. Really loved all the jaggery variants. Very Authentic."


Popular Artist

"A great initiative for the rural women. Been fan of putharekulu from years. I would ask all my Rajamundry friends to bring putharekulu usually. But now ATPU, really liked the taste of putharekulu. My whole family and guests also loved the authentic taste."

Mounika Reddy

Popular Actress

"Trust me…. Yummiest Pootharekulu I have ever had. No One Can Eat Just One. Adbhutanga Unnay. My whole family enjoyed it. Impressed with variants and fully loaded dryfruits. Too good packaging. A good Gifting choice."

Parnika Manya

Popular Singer

"The way they adapted the gifting style; the way they bring out such an authentic Atreyapuram rural women's delight to the world is superb. I personally loved all the three variants of putharekulu."

Vasanthi Krishnan, Actress

"I am beyond impressed with Atpu Atreyapuram putharekulu .Believe me, I'm not exaggerating when I say that I had to stop myself from devouring them all in one go. ATPU.IN has not only impressed me with their incredible quality, but their mission to support and involve rural women has touched my heart. "

Sripriya Iduri, Actress

"These ATPU putharekulu are so good and melts with every bite. I loved the taste and their initiative. I thoroughly enjoyed the Authentic flavours of Atreyapuram with corporate gifting touch."

Sri Lalitha, Actress

"Being a big fan of putharekulu, I always search for Authentic ones. Loved the Taste of atpu.in putharekulu. A Good thought supporting the rural women. My family, friends and everyone tasted it. "

Priyanka Nalkar, Actress

"Putharekulu is the only sweet, which cannot be made by everyone and everywhere. The taste of putharekulu depends up on the authentic hands behind its process. ATPU is one such initiative to support rural women, by bringing out their native delight and introducing to the whole world. Highly appreciated. Love and warm regards."

Khwaja Moinuddin, Nawabs Kitchen

"Everyone knows about putharekulu. But these ATPU putharekulu are unique and Authentic. These are the yummiest I have ever eaten so far. Infact for diabetic elders, these are the best sweet cravings choice."

Latha Sangaraju, Actress

"Impressed with the premium packaging of putharekulu. Even diet conscious people, diabetic elders, fitness freaks can happily taste these atpu sugarfree putharekulu .I personally loved all the variants. Very aromatic."

Priyanka Naidu, Actress

"Just amazed with the ATPU putharekulu. My whole family loved the taste and Authentic variants. A perfect sweet choice for diabetic people. My parents became a big fan of ATPU putharekulu. Appreciating your social cause initiative."

Neelima Kaushal, Entrepreneur

"Haven’t had these kind of putharakelu in a long time now. Loved the authenticity as well as your initiative. Premium packaging. My entire family loved these putharekulu."

Sireesha Bhagavatula, Singer

"Very great initiative. Keep Progressing. My whole family loved the taste, quality, variants and gift packaging. Too good. Especially Sugar free putharekulu. I personally loved all variants. Awesome."

Archana Sastry, Actress

"Atreyapuram is the only place in the world for the authentic Putharekulu and ATPU's Putharekulu are one such, with amazing taste and beautiful corporate standard gift packaging. Really loved all the variants loaded with Dry fruits."

Kaushal Manda

Popular Actor & Entrepreneur

"Really wonderful to be part of the social initiative .Its been years that I have eaten such a delicious and authentic Putharekulu. Simply mouthwatering. My whole family also loved it."

Soujanya Bhagavatula, Singer


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